What is Guidance Counselling?

A new approach in education, that prepares a student to find the right fit in academic, college, and career exploration.

Alizeh Atif - Founder of Be Guided Now What is Alizeh Atif’s Philosophy?

To encourage students to fully explore and express their unique set of strengths and talents. An emphasis on self-discovery will better prepare students to research and apply for university, keeping in mind different career paths that open for them in the future. The end goal is not to simply place students in high-ranked universities, but to ensure that they choose universities where they will grow as individuals who can have a lasting impact in solving global problems of the future.

  • Prepare students to research and apply for university
  • Guide students to find the right fit between their personality, interests and university to work towards becoming global problem solvers of the future.
  • Encourage students to explore different career paths

Who is Alizeh Atif?

Why is Be Guided Now unique? Be Guided Now is Pakistan’s first student mentorship service for students and parents where both stakeholders receive equal time and attention to plan a student’s future.

The mentorship program is a one-stop shop for college applications, career exploration, and personal development for teenagers. Students will be guided on how to link academic interests with career choices, will be able to network and learn from professionals in different fields to gain exposure about what different career fields entail.

What Students Say About Alizeh

Miss Alizeh, regardless of how you are as a student, will push you to your boundaries and help you to achieve more. Her candor coupled with her professionalism helps the student get along with her very well. She is the reason why I got an offer from Oxford summer school and the reason why I am now working with my favourite company as an intern. I can say with certitude that she is one of the best counsellors out there.

Daniyal Ahmed Khan Oxford Summer School

The Columbia Summer Program was an amazing opportunity for me, even though I did not avail it. Throughout the whole process, Miss Alizeh supported me. She helped me in sorting out the forms, recommendations and grade sheets. She was always available when I wanted to talk especially when I was confused if I should take up this opportunity or not. She was more than a counsellor and I’m grateful for that.

Rida Naeem Columbia Summer School

Working with Alizeh/Miss Alizeh (as you please) was a pleasurable experience for a host of reasons. She worked with me on an everyday basis, answering my every question and never once losing patience. Her calming words instilled in me the necessary confidence to power through the ordeal and finally press and send.

Mariam Muhammad Yale Young Global Scholar

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